Independent Voters of Illinois
Independent Precinct Organization
National Affairs Committee
Trade Policy
IVI-IPO opposes fast-track authority to negotiate trade agreements, the expansion of NAFTA, as well as adoption  of CAFTA and FTAA.  These agreement prioritize the profits of international corporations over labor rights, environmental protections, traditional lifestyles, and national sovereignty, and include unprecendented investor protections which allow challenges or suits to national, state and/or local goverment legislation.  www.citizenstrade.org
International Affairs
IVI-IPO favors full monetary support of the United Naitons, and U.S. participation in the International Criminal Court for the advancement of human rights.  IVI-IPO opposes all "first-strike" weapons, and any appropriation for "Star Wars" missle defense systems.  IVI-IPO opposes covert military actions, and encourages the U.S. to pursue "collective security" through the UN and multi-national alliances rather than engage in unilateral actions to counter terrorism.
Position on Issues
Before the 108th
Session of the US Congress
Public Transit / Amtrak / High Speed Rail
IVI-IPO favors increased funding for mass transit (TEA-21 reauthorization), full funding for operation, and long overdue maintenance, of a nationwide, long-distance passenger rail system without division among states, and development of a high-speed rail network connecting Midwestern states.  www.CTAriders.org
U.S.A. Patriot Acts I and II
IVI-IPO favors repeal of the Patriot Act, and opposes government spying on voluntary and private organizations, whether civic, social, religious or political.  IVI-IPO opposes electronic eavesdropping and consensual monitoring for law enforcement purposes without a warant based on probable cause.  IVI-IPO opposes legislation that would abrogate the civil rights of immigrants.  www.bordc.org
National Health Care
IVI-IPO favors a universal, single-payer health plan.  IVI-IPO favors increased funding for AIDS research, education, voluntary and confidential testing, an patient care.  Essential drugs for HIV/AIDS should be licensed and distributed in the US, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere.
IVI-IPO supports the U.S. participation in the Kyoto Treaty to curb global warming.  The proposed federal energy bill should be completely revised to encourage use of renewable energy sources and not constitute a license or be simply concessions to oil drilling interests.  IVI-IPO is opposed to expansion of nuclear energy.
IVI-IPO supports a national energy policy stressing environmentally safe and renewable sources, control of toxic substances and toxic landfills.  IVI-IPO favors strongs powers for federal and state EPA, long use legislation, protection of water resources, purchase of land to extend the National Park System and mandatory recycling.
Employment / Organized Labor
The IVI-IPO supports the right to organize and bargain collectively.  Union membership should be available to employees of all agencies in the federal goverment.  Federal employees should be permitted to compete fairly in any OMB Circular A-76, contracting out process.  IVI-IPO urges passage of the Employee Free Choice Act for those in the private sector who seek to form unions where they work.  www.FedVote.org   

IVI-IPO supports increasing the minimum wage, supports "living wage" legislation, family and medical leave legislation, guaranteed overtime pay, and protecting the rights of day laborers, farm workers and househood employees.  Legislation should be passed prohibiting the permanent replacement of strikers, along with repreal of the Taft-Hartley Act.

National Affairs Committee
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